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Why Choose JMS Customs and Consulting Inc.?

01. Good problem solving skills

Here at JMS Customs and Consulting we know it is crucial for us to apply our problem solving skills and use it in a professional way for two reasons:

  1. To be able to know the cause of problems and apply problem solving strategies to prevent it from occurring in the future

  2. To be able to display attention towards important details to solve the issue

02. Honesty

We believe that honesty is the most essential aspect when working with our clients, to build a trustworthy bond and work well together. In addition, we are aware of the laws and regulations required when bringing your goods to their destination in an organized manner.

03. Experience

Within this brokerage, our staff have over eighteen years of experience in Canadian Customs Brokerage and completed all the required education. Therefore, you as the client will be transacting business with reliable and knowledgeable staff!

04. We thoroughly get the job done 

When working with clients we communicate and perform tasks in a careful and efficient manner. In addition, we handle important documents that displays a set of laws, procedures, and insurance for the client in a formulated procedure.

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